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Best Consultant Training Course in the business - Order Here

Best Consultant Training Course in the business - Order Here

Best Consultant Training Course in the business - Order Here
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This consists of an approximate 200 page reference pdf book (downloadable). This training book includes all of the FREE HUD mortgagee letters that you are required to certify you have read and our explanation of those areas that have caused confusion in the past for other consultants. Realize that we are not charging you for the FREE HUD publications but for our comments and explanations therein. In addition this is a sales promotional tool for us as we include a 'User's Manual" for our software. Why? That is easy... we have made our software so user friendly for your consulting in mind that by following the order that the software takes you through the process YOU are transformed into a 203k Consultant when you use our software and system.

The system works, buy the software or not, that is always your choice but we have had lots of success with this approach to training consultants. We have actually had people take other courses and found that the OTHER courses fell short on the "HOW TO" become a consultant aspects that our program emphasizes. Take a chance you won't be disappointed. I was stopped the other day after a 20 minute presentation at a home inspector group meeting and told that they had just taken a "consulting course" from another instructor and found it lacking substance and they had learned more in the past 20 minutes about "consulting" than in any eight hour course.

We provide you with a PDF version of our reference book with examples of all the forms you need to turn in but more importantly we teach you what to do from start to finish on a consultation. What to say, when to say it, and how to write it up and what to turn in to stay on top of your game. The training contains audio versions of the Basics, The 203k as a Team Sport, and the original 'Escrow commitment procedure' as it applies to investors...though investors can't buy, the information is still applicable to the FannieMae Home Style loan program so learn it. In addition the training contains lots of before and after photos, inspection photos of typical and odd problems you may encounter in the field so when you run across a problem, you may already have the solution. Most importantly we teach you how to go out and get new business using our 'spider web' technique. 

If you are really a go-getter you may want to ask about our advanced training which can net you over $2,000 for writing bid specs on a daily basis, legally, and ethically.

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Features Benefits
Quality 203k Consultant Training Learn exactly how to conduct a 203k consultantion from beginning to end.
200+ page work book All the HUD pertinent mortgagee letters bound in one handy book
HUD Mortgagee letters Included are my notes on and comentary
Lots of photos See photos of issues and problems we have run into along with the solutions
Lessons that show real live scenarios You'll be able to instruct your lenders on how to fill out the forms
Learn to consult You will learn what to say, when to say it, and the result is that your lenders will love your work
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Customer Reviews

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