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Feasibility Report SFR - Order Here

Feasibility Report SFR - Order Here

Feasibility Report SFR - Order Here
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A standard Feasibility Report cost is $350.00 (SFR). Mileage may apply when over 90 miles from one of our offices. The fee and mileage (if applicable) cost can be collected on site at the time of the inspection in cash.

This service is quite often used by home buyers who want to know the general cost to make the improvements they are contimplating or to determine the cost of needed repairs to help them make an educated offer. It is also used by new investors who "haven't a clue" about the rehab or renovation industry & need that "expert" guiding them through a few. We have some investors that want us on every project. Additonal units or very large homes cost $600. Additional $100 for each additional unit above the first one.

This is also used by agents listing a property who want to provide the potential buyers and the seller with prior knowledge of the construction costs needed to renovate this particular property. This really assists you in getting your fixer sold FAST.

You might also want to look into our Enhanced Feasibility Analysis. a little more money and allot more information.

Features Benefits
Quick Turnaround You find out how much it takes to fix up your property within an hour or so
Written report Use this report to assist you negotiate the right price for the property you are buying
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