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BORROWER'S GUIDE to the 203k Loan - The hottest rehab loan product on the market

BORROWER'S GUIDE to the 203k Loan - The hottest rehab loan product on the market

BORROWER'S GUIDE to the 203k Loan - The hottest rehab loan product on the market
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This handy guide provides you with all the information you need to be knowledgeable when you go to purchase or refinance your next home or small income property using this unique rehab loan product. HUD has increased the loan limits so this loan can be used in most neighborhoods in the USA.

How to "Live Rent Free in America"

Beginner Investors learn how to buy "Mixed Use" and "Small Income Units" using the 203k loan.

How to refinance an existing mortgage and get the money to fix your property. If you recently purchased the home you may be able to get the money to fix up your home without any more money "out of pocket" if under six months seasoning.

How to save money on your next purchase on your appraisal and consultation fees.

A guide through the maze of paperwork associated with the 203k. You get to see what is in those contracts and view our comments on many of them.
If you are considering buying or refinancing you should do yourself a favor and take a look at the 203k. Easiest loan to qualify for, loan amounts recently increased in high cost areas to $625,500 so they can be done in most American neighborhoods. ** Call Mike Young if you want to hear about a new renovation loan product up to $3MM loan amount... NOT FHA of course.

It is clearly my opinion that every home or small income unit sale made within the FHA loan limits should be a 203k. I don't think your home is really yours till you replace the carpeting and repaint. Why would a real estate professional allow a client to purchase a home with a leaking faucet or a bad roof... this loan substantially reduces their potential liability on every sale. All around this is a good deal for everyone involved. Let us know if we may be of any assistance.

Features Benefits
203k Basics Learn about the 203k program itself
Six simple steps to completing a 203k project We show you just what to do and the typical order for those events to take place
JUMBO 203k Who would have guessed FHA would come up with a JUMBO loan in high cost areas over $729,000
Steamlined "k" The real truth about the streamline... your project may or may not qualify & why
203k Procedure Step by step instrucctions on what is going to happen and when it should happen
"Live Rent FREE in America" We show you a unique feature of the 203k that will allow you to live rent free
investors and the 203k Beginning investors can actually purchase mixed use properties, warehouses, and 5-8 unit buildings under the 203k program
Real estate professionals can make some "up front" money We show you a little known secret that allows you to make money going into a project
Borrowers can save money on their fees A couple of tricks for borrowers to save money on their 203k refi or purchase
Lenders will love this book We provide all of your manditory disclosures for the 203k in a unique way.
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Customer Reviews

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