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On Site National Training - Order Here

On Site National Training - Order Here

This training seminar is available for lenders and we encourage you to bring your loan officers, underwriters, appraisers, Realtors/Agents and consultants - your entire team. If you don't have all the components please let us know when you make this appointment and we'll get busy working on that aspect so when we leave the training session you will have a completed working team in place and functioning. The fee covers five days of events for $4,000 plus expenses. You will get plenty of orders in the days and weeks that follow this training seminars session that you will likely do it again soon thereafter. We guarantee 50 loans within the next thirty days from our efforts or we'll do another event for FREE.

We come to you where you will have your team ready for us to school the first day we arrive,  then at least two and preferably three seminars "open to the public" for the last part of that week to create a 203k presence like you haven't imagined, and get your 'team' started with the other team members.

When we leave you will be on your way to 5-15 loans per week per participating branch within 10-12 weeks. This is a week long (5 DAYS) training. We actually set it up to teach your consultants 'on the job' what you expect from them. If you will work with us we will actually create some loans during this week long training and visit as many potential team members as possible. By having your consultants using our "Award Winning Software" you get a complete and consistent package into underwriting every time.

Then after we leave you should give a smaller version of the seminar once per week and pick up at least 10 loans per month per branch, in as many locations as you want to. The initial visit will actually include at least two seminars in larger venues to kick your on going marketing off in a dynamic manner. You will typically see 5-10 loans or more from my first visit at the event. One customer actually got 117 loans applications in the first week with a three-day event. We were testing a new concept and though the percentages were way down, the loans were almost more than he could handle, he had to put the entire staff on these new deals to get them closed. The price is subject to change without notice.
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