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New Construction Loans

New contruction has always been a challenge for a buyer who wants to build a lot on an in-fill lot, not a tract home. Chances are you don't build a home every day,likely this is the first one you have done in the past ten years ore more. We offer services to clients with "new construction" projects as well as renovation or updating of existing homes, we have found that many of these clients are in need of someone on their side to verify the costs and fees as they are getting their bids to verify they are reasonable for the area. HomeStreet bank is one lender who knows how to get new construction loans closed in CA and I'm sure they can close them in most other states. Our team is all over the USA and can assist you wherever you may be.

We have also partnered with a SIP Builder to off homes built with Structural Insulated Panels. Why on earth would you like to know about these? They don't save allot of money but they do save allot of time. Once you have your blueprints we send them to the factory where they create a set of plans with SIP's. While this is going on your local contractor, trained by the factory to install the SIPs, is busy  lining up his crew. Once the plans are available the contractor will submit for permits. Once the permits are issued the foundation can begin. While the foundation is going in and curing the factory is busy building the SIPs for your project. Once they land the SIPs on site it takes about 60-90 days to have your home ready to move into. Just like most other service related business we would rather promise you a 90 day construction from the time the SIPs hit the ground. It takes about two to three days to put up a typical home framing to include the roof. There are a few of these about to go up in the Hayward hills about 4,000 SF but the more common size is like the six we are about to start in Richmond CA about 1,700 SF homes with two car garages. 

Once you make the decision to build a home you want to get into it fast, then you may want to look at the SIP way of doing business. 

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We have fourteen offices in CA covering both CA states, NorCAL and SoCAL where we can cover the entire state. It really doesn't matter as we have associate offices in most every state in the USA. Find a consulant anywhere in the country.

To learn more about the FHA 203k loan program go to www.203kOnLine.com. To contact us for a consultation please go to www.my203kconsultant.com and "order a consultation". If you like what you see here please take a look at Another blog by Mike Young in Spanish and other languages.

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