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How to make money consulting in spite of the HUD Guideline

That's right. HUD in its infinite wisdom has come out with what was touted as the "new guideline" while in actuality it was not new at all with regards to 203k consultants. In fact it took us back to re-enforce the 1994 fee levels. An outrage for many of us as you can imagine. They don't go a year without an increase in their wages and expect us to go back 21 years for ours. 

We have worked hard, building our businesses and when all other fees were deregulated in 2011 we took that as a good thing, though it turns out it was deregulated for all but our fees. Now a compliance inspector can get $450 to make a 2 minute inspection to see if a broken window has been fixed or not but we are expected to take $100 and look at how a home is put together. Is that window properly flashed, sealed, etc, on top of the broken glass repaired.  On top of that they now have dumped change orders on us and took it away from the lender… except some lenders want to “okay the CO prior to commencing the work” like they ever did that in the first place. Most didn’t, most rely on us in the field to make that decision for them.

There has been lots of talk on the internet and blogs about how many of you are planning to get out of the business as you can’t possibly do a draw inspection for $100. You are absolutely correct. No one can and make any money at it.

Join us for a 1-hour webinar and we’ll show you what you need to do to make money in this business in-spite of the Guideline. Yea, you gotta pay to see the solution, You will see how you can increase your profits substantially over the consulting work you have been doing provided you have been consulting properly... some of you aren't and weren't. The fee to attend this 1-hour session is only $49 and may run over with Q&A session.
We’ll show you how to take your knowledge as a 203k consultant and turn it into a profit center for your business like you won’t believe till you see it, and no more draw inspections unless you want them.

Learn how to make more money than the HUD Guideline suggests and increase your inspection fees legally in this 1-hour webinar. There is only room for the 1st 100 signing up in this first session, so sign up early. We will have additional events as the demand suggests.
The webinar will show you how to make even more money than HUD pays. I just did one for another client that HUD would pay $1,000 and my fee was $5,500. Doing my second one this coming Saturday where my fee will be $7,500 or close to it. Still based on the construction amount. It is set up for December 28th 2015, 8-9 am PST. This will be the best $49.00 you spend this year and will get your new year off to a running start. Click here to sign up
There is only room for the 1st hundred who sign up, others will have to wait for a future event.

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