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Guidline excerp from 4000.1 handbook which became effective on 14 September 2014

Requirements for the location of wells for FHA-insured Properties are located in 24 CFR § 200.926d (f) (3).

The following tables provide the minimum distance required between wells and sources of pollution for Existing Construction: Individual Water Supply System for Minimum Property Requirements for Existing Construction*
1 Property line/10 feet [Must be at least 10 feet inside your property line]
2 Septic tank/50 feet [There must be at least 50 feet between the well and the septic tank]
3 Drain field/100 feet [Leach lines]
4 Septic tank drain field reduced to 75 feet if allowed by local authority [exception]
5 If the subject Property line is adjacent to residential Property then local well distance requirements prevail. If the subject Property is adjacent to non-residential Property or roadway, there needs to be a separation
distance of at least 10 feet from the property line.
* distance requirements of local authority prevail if greater than stated above
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