Can you supervise too cloesly?

This isn't about the property or the consultant's job. I'm talking about the RE Agent or Broker that feels they need to control every aspect of the transaction or worse yet, the construction process. 

I have a only a handful of people I have had to deal with over the years that want to control everything and it seems like "forever".

Lets review the process again.

1) Buyer finds a home. Agent or Realtor did a great job.

2) Consultant comes on board get report turned in. Consultant did a great job.

3) Loan closes. Loan officer did a great job. Agent was instrumental in the success.

4) Construction starts - Contractor did a great job.

5) Contractor wants to be paid - calls for a draw or progress payment inspection - Consultant (now a draw inspector) did a great job.

6) Consultant (now a draw inspector) turns in the report for payment - Inspector did  a great job

Note from step 4 on there is no Realtor or agent. Yet we have them now and then that feel they still need to be in control... NOT. YOU don't, it is not your place to be calling to find out if or when the inspection is scheduled. YOU should be going out and finding another house to sell. I was kind enough and made the mistake recently of notifying the RE Broker of an inspection and it was a harse reminder that I shouldn't have. I informed the agent or Realtor that the inspection would be at 10 am on Tuesday. What do you think happend? I get to the house, the roof is complete, or nearly complete, I need to see which so I get up the ladder and I'm inspecting the roof... my phone rings... huh? Why would the agent or Broker be calling me. They knew I'd be here for the draw inspection. It must be very important for them to be calling me. I'd better answer the call. 
"Just wanted to be sure we were all on the same page" was the comment I received. What page did you think I would be on... LOL, I'm on the roof, I don't have the time while I have a contractor and his forman with me to inspect the issues they just want to get paid and NOT waste their time with me taking phone calls. If the borrower had been there, it would have wasted their time as well. 

This is not the time to call the inspector. In fact it isn't the Broker's place to call the inspector for any reason other than a new project, and NOT at the time they know you will be conducting a draw inspection. What the agent thought was a good idea was merely a lack of respect for the process, the owner, the contractor and foreman and the inspector. It was a hinderance at best. Don't do it, please. A simple email "how did it go?" would have only wasted the inspector's time. Go sell another house. You aren't in the picture any longer. I know you just want to help, then help by not standing in the way of the process. 

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