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I have been fielding allot of calls regarding the HUD guideline that has been put in place effective 14 Sep 2015. Be careful and read it carefully. Much of it is for case numbers effective March 14th, 2016 that affect us [page 845]. Other parts may affect us sooner. If you haven't had a chance to review them please take the time, there aren't allot of pages that affect us. 

The biggest issue is that HUD had twenty-one years to address our wages and see how to take care of the consultants and if we were a private copany they would have been fired. Hell, it appears they have been. There is no commissioner to sign the paperwork. It is odd to me that "Lenders" are covered by the shear fact that they get a % of the construction to write a few checks and keep some records, that would have been a simple thing to do with our pay schedule and should have been much like most of us have done on our own.

When HUD determined that a $100,000 construction budget warranted a 1% fee, they could have easily made it for all above $100,000 too. They didn't that shows a lack of concern for the principle players in this part of the game or incompetence. Take your pick. If they had gone even one year without an increase in their wages they would have shut down the government till they were heard.
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