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I heard another person telling clients they get $1250 for a 203k and you can get it all reimbursed in the loan back to the client. NOT true, sorry, but the only fee that is reimburseable per the guideline is the consultation fee and feasibility. NOT a separate home inspection fee. READ the guideline and you will see that a consulation includes a "203k home inspection". If you charged a home inspection fee then you can get your full consultation fee. A feasibility cannot or at least should not be charged unless you provide a feasibility report as well and most of the time you do not.

If you charge separately for a full home inspection and deliver one, they you are entitled to be paid for your service but NOT from the 203k escrow, that would be against the guideline. I received a call from a HOC the other day where I was told we cannot sell any ansilary products as it would be a conflict of interest.  No termite report, no engineering report, no architectural services, yet we all have been doing all of the above as needed to get the job done faster. 
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