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I'm getting lots of calls about how HUD can shove it and it has lots of consultants in a tizzy. STOP, please stop, let the dust settle a little bit. I was talking to a HUD official in DC the other day and was assured that thing are on the commissioners desk for signatures that changes all that we are reading with regards to our future fees. 

In any case our fees are not determined by HUD, they are determined by each and every one of us as individuals. If you want to charge off the guideline and get 1994 pricing go for it. It isn't any more than an amount that HUD has determined is the maximum that they are willing to include in the loan amount. Yes it is grossly out dated and no, it doesn't come close to reality. 

If these prices go into effect there will be so many areas where the public can no longer be served by this progam and that isn't typically HUD's idea of public service on their programs. Just "chill" for a bit and lets give my DC contacts some consideration and then, if it was a lie, the court system will be the next likely step. 

Any lender that tells you what to charge is setting themselves up for a rude awakening. They have been trying to control our fees for at least twenty years that I know of and this rude awakening is likely the next step. If you want to be part of the cure, then get out your check book and be ready to spend a hundred bucks when that time comes. If we all do that, we will not only show unity but we will also so them we can no longer be pushed around.

This is only HUD and not Fannie Mae so all isn't lost. If you want to be part of an even larger loan program that works like the 203k with limits up to $3 Million let me know and join the Mike Young Team of consultants nationally.

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