Create inventory to meet your clients needs.Single story home

What I love about this business is that we see a different house or two every day and watch it as it transforms to meet the buyer's expectation.

Yep, that is my Chrysler 300 in the driveway. 

into a two story home

This is the "after" scene of the same house. Nice neighborhood but there were no homes in that neighborhood that fit this family's needs. So they added SF to the home to get the home they wanted and in the neighborhood they wanted.

When inventory gets low this is a viable solution to many home buyers. 

This can make the difference in an average Realtor and an exceptional Realtor. Providing your client with the home they are looking for, even when it isn't readily available. 

You have to be looking at your inventory differently than you may have ever looked at it before. This is why I enjoy working with "Rookies" as they aren't "set in their ways" where they can't see the potential. 

In all cases the work happens after the close of escrow. The Realtor gets paid, and goes to the next buyer. The construction starts and we stay with the buyer to the end of the process. We are happy to copy you on the progress photos if you like so you can stay in tune with the progress and create a portfolio of before and after photos. If you want to do that now to help you get started feel free to request photos for that purpose. We have thousands of archieved photos for you of homes we have completed. 

REO Realtors, provide us with addresses of your hardest to sell properties and we'll give you some marketing ideas to help you sell those unwanted properties. We can even do manufactured homes with some minor stipulations. Even if they were built prior to 1976? That is the question isn't it?


Mike Young, 203k Team Leader    Mike ready for your 203k order

We have fourteen offices in CA covering both CA states, NorCAL and SoCAL where we can cover the entire state.

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