The new HUD Guideline comes out shortly. On 9-14-2015 the new Guideline comes out. This is NOT a reflection on the prices a consultant can charge for their services. HUD doesn't restrict what we can charge, only an amount they are willing to take on as a risk to the loan at this juncture.  Whatever they come out with on the 14th of September doesn't reflect a mandatory fee, only an amount that can be underwritten into their loan.

If the loan is for a total amount of $350,000 they can only stand to add $XXX to that and make sense in their model for insuring that loan. That merely means we have to pick all of our fee up front at the time of the inspection and only $XXX will be included in the loan amount. This is actually reasonable for them to do. We need to select a representative down the road to represent us. A level headed person who has "negotiating" ability. NOT someone who merely whines about our fees being too low. That isn't and hasn't been the right arguement ever. We can't win that arguement once you realize there is more to them increasing our fees than just pleasing us. 

Each of us has to determine what a "resonable fee" is for our work and realize that HUD is only telling us the part or portion of our fee that they are willing to underwrite and add to the loan for a 203k. I hope that is understandable as it actually does make some sense. Don't let any lender tell us what to charge that would open them up to a class action suit from us IF WE GET AND STAY ORGANIZED.

There may be some lenders or home owners that look at the guideline and think this is all we can charge, that is false. It is all that can be underwritten into the loan. 

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