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I need more money for my renovation project than the FHA loan limits. Is there a higher balance loan available for my project?

Yes indeed, there is. There is another product out there than is available up to three million ($3,000,000) loan amount. Is it 3.5% down, of course not but typically when someone is looking at houses in that realm they quite often pay cash so a 65% LTV is fine.

Just because that is the limit doesn't mean you have to borrower that entire amount. You can borrow up to that amount and the down payment is variable, the more you borrower, the higher the LTV. Make sense?

We had a job the other day that had a purchase price of $745,000 and just over $115,000 in renovation, this program would fit this scenario. How about another where the purchase price was $1.5MM and it needed $300,000 in renovation.. on the surface it would work however it turned out to have 14 structures on the site and part of the construction would be to remove all but three of the structures and keep the log cabin and renovate it... NOT going to happen with this loan product as it specifically states "no log cabins". They must have seen that one coming.

If you have a possible project please call us and we'll send you to the right people to get it funded for you. Remember that your consultant should be the first one on the job to help you with the scope of work and to help you find that "contractor" fit for your project. 

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