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It may sound like a good idea. I get my hearing aids next week, then maybe but for now... please use our order form. The GFE is also on page 2 of the order form.

What happens if I'm sitting at my desk? It is great but the names I had thrown at me today were so difficult to understand for a partially deaf man. I felt like a fool having to repeat what I thought I heard several times. 

So I think I finally have it... did I have to pull myself away from the project I'm working on and become a receptionist. Sure enough. You might say "don't answer the phone then." Right, you know what happens to a home inspector when they call and you don't answer that phone. They call someone else. It is always best to place the order in writing, we have a handy order blank and it makes it so much easier and I don't have to listen to the form and say "what?" too many times. 

I am also an inspector and see homes 3-4 days per week. The other day I was in the basement when they called an order in. Fun to say the least. It keeps my life interesting. I think I'll try to turn on the microphone on my phone and see if it will transcribe the information. what an idea. Go ahead and call those orders in. LOL
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