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Can you add my contractor to your list?

Sure we can. In fact this week we added another four or five.. All of them went something like this - 

I get a call and they ask to be on our list, I tell them to send me an email with all of their contact information and they all must hear something I didn't say as they ALL sent 


Company name

Phone number, and of course I do have their email address.

Possibly a web address, I guess that is so I can look it up more easily. 

And that is all. Yep, that is what they think all of their contact information consists of. Yet when I input it into a report the lender expects a "license number", full address, not a PO Box, email address, name, company name, etc. 

I must be saying it incorrectly as they all did it. What is so hard about 


Company name,

Full physical address

PO Box if you have one

Phone number

License number

I hope they know  that we need this so we can mail checks, visit their site to see they are really there, email paperwork to them, call them if needed. Did I say all them have been in business from ten to twenty years and still can't get it right?

If you want your contractor on any list, make as easy as possible by providing all of the necessary information at one time on one piece of paper. One of them sent a second email and failed to reply to that one so I had the first bit of info, I had to find that other email to get him into the system. Ya gotta love 'em.

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