I really enjoy speaking to realtors and agents in groups. I like to ask them if they ever get a client in their office that tells them they have no down payment... they all say "Yes" then I ask "do you send them out the door quickly?" and the laughter is overwhelming. I then ask them to take the newest agent in their office and send those would be borrowers to them instead of kicking them out the door. then I ask if the new agent will just bring those people to one of our FREE open to the public seminars and we'll turn them into real buyers... with our network.

Everyone stops laughing about that time and want to know when we are having our next FREE seminar. It is amazing that just a moment ago they were ready to kick that borrower out the door and now won't turn it over to a new agent.. ha. I like new agents because they don't have pre concieved ideas and are more easily taught. Come join us at a seminar and we'll show you how it is done... We really like making deals in that room on the spot. You will too.

This 203k basic's training seminar is wonderful for networking and getting your homes that need TLC sold quickly. We'll talk about the streamlined k now referred to as the "Limited 203k" and the Full 203k, touch on the EEM and how you can use it to actually get more money than the maximum mortgage limits set by HUD. 

Mike Young, 203k Team Leader    Mike ready for your 203k order

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