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  1. Why do they need 45-60 days to close a 203k loan? continued...
    ... Donna was curious of course, then I asked her how long does it take to close a standard FHA loan, the 203b? She said 15-21 days, then I told her the naked truth, "you can close a full 203k in the same time it takes you to close a 203b loan. We started her 1st 203k loan and she did everything right. She called the consultant out at the same time she started her loan process. We both headed down the path to the finish line together. [Most lenders will get all of their work done and call us to say "all we need is your report". These lenders will take 45-60 days to close because now all they have to do is call and interurpt us asking "how does it look?  [a total waste of our time to ask that]. 

    It seems so easy for me to understand that if you call me two or three times each day and break my train of thought... forcing me to calculate the possible completion time it is demoralizing to say the least. You are trying to bust your butt to get the job out. a key person on that deal is calling you, you pick up the phone thinking there is something wrong or they might have new input for the job and they say "how is it going?" Maybe some other consultants are much better than me but when I get on a roll and I'm writing that report, this totally blows me out. I then go get a glass of water and try to figure out where I was in the report writing phase. Read what I wrote last and try to complete that sentence. 

    BTW, Donna closed her first full 203k loan in 21 days and called to ask "why does everyone else say 45-60 days to close?". Donna is a shinning star in this business, She lets us start when she does. In all fairness the clock starts ticking once the lender has all of your financial paperwork but we can start the day you apply. HUD designed what we do to take 2 weeks then go to bid. We typically take about a week to achieve a report ready to go to bid. The contractors bidding the job may take several weeks, and that can hold up the process. I had a job the other day and the client met contractor 1 at the jobsite and asked for a bid. The contractor asked him who created his bid, the client indicated it was me, and the response was that he would do it for my bid numbers. He hadn't seen my bid numbers but felt confident that the numbers would be fair and it saved him allot of time. The client asked me for another contractor recommendation though he really liked the first guy. The second contractor came out and did exactly the same thing. If Mike bid the job I'm good with his numbers. 

    The client asked me for another so he is trying to get a bid from the 3rd contractor. This indecision can also slow down the process. We offer contractors a product we call "lost opportunity" bidding which is a great product for a contractor to use as it allows him to hire us when he doesn't have the time to bid a project. We do it for him and save him that time away from his other projects. If you are having issues with getting a contractor to bid your project give us a call.

    We need to get the word out as fast as possible. With over 1,888 homes damaged in the fire we need to get the word out fast BEFORE the foundations are removed. We need those foundations to best serve the community.

    I lost a business, a 5,000 SF brick warehouse full of stuff I had took 45 years to accumulate, to a tornado about 10 years ago in NC, it took everything we had stored in the warehouse, everything, there wasn't anything we could salvage, what wasn't destroyed in the tornado was runied after sitting in the rain for three days before the fire department could render the walls safe for us to return and see what could be saved. What wasn't blown away was now so covered with mold it was a 100% loss. The catestrophic loss is demoralizing at a minimum. 

    In this case and due to what we learned in the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina it is important that we move very fast to help those who want it.


     Fire damaged - perfect for a 203k

    If we save the original foundation, or most of it, we can likely use the FHA 203k and HomeStyle Renovation Mortgages to rebuild the homes. We prefer the entire foundation but it is important NOT to remove the debris by scraping the ground that would take out the foundations.  These are 203k projects, every one of them. MY Team is willing to do that initial look for FREE to see if we can use that foundation or not. 

    The photo in this post is a home that has looked like this for over 15 years. It was fire gutted and still remains to this day a blight on the eyes of the community. This is NOT what we want for our latest fire victims. Lets get it fixed ASAP. 

    If this area is going to be declared or has been declared a disaster area which it is (from what I'm reading it appears this has already been accomplished), we can employ the 203h which is a 203k on steroids, very fast to close.

    We can help get these people back in business and back into their homes. Don't wait for the government to do it, Katrina is a great example of what happens if you wait for the government to fix something. New Orleans residential homes are still sitting there waiting for the government to do something. The help isn't coming.  YOU can't wait till the government reacts, it just isn't going to happen. Hurricane Sandy devastation still has thousands of homes that haven't and won't likely be rebuilt anytime soon. The photo op was just that, a photo op. We are all about action and no photo ops are required or desired. Lets just get in there and get this done. 

    Like anything else it is first come first served. Who, in that area, can get us a place to hold a town hall meeting and explain how these homes can be rebuilt quickly and efficiently. 

    There will be many who will take the insurance money, and move to another area to start over... THOSE people could donate their land to the person who wants to rebuild it so they can write them off once the insurance company has paid them off or sell them for the taxes they may owe and with the foundations we can rebuild them. This process will allow more affordable housing for those who may want to rebuild here. DON'T just walk away and wait for the foreclosure process as that will keep the area from recovering for a number of additional and unnecessary years.

    Others will use these programs to rebuild their homes and keep the cash from the insurance company in their bank thus being better off than they were before. Yes they will have a mortgage but they will have a mortgage on a brand new home and have money in their savings account too. Maybe use part of that money to keep their mortgage payment where they want it. Others will rebuild and own their homes free and clear. There are so many options. Just keep the foundations to open up many more options. Remember our maximum loan limit for renovation loans is $3,000,000, NOT $35,000 as some may have you believe. Our team is ready to assist.
    Our Team is ready to provide an initial FREE visit to your property and go over your options. NO Obligation whatsoever.

    Mike Young, 203k Team Leader    Mike ready for your 203k order

    We have fourteen offices in CA covering both CA states, NorCAL and SoCAL where we can cover the entire state.

    To learn more about the FHA 203k loan program go to www.203kOnLine.com. To contact us for a consultation please go to www.my203kconsultant.com and "order a consultation". If you like what you see here please take a look at Another blog by Mike Young in Spanish and other languages.

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