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  1. Limited 203k vs Standard 203k

    The FHA 203k is for properties that require some amount of repair. I say some amount as there is no minimum however many lenders have created their minimum. This loan has two facets. Once is for smaller quick fixes that take about 30 days + but no more than 60 days to complete - to complete and require NO structural repairs. this is called the "Limited 203k" and used to be known as the "Streamlined k".
    Limited 203k: Typically includes repairing broken windows, replacing roofing materials, painting, replacing floor coverings, updated kitchens and bathrooms. NO structural work and repairs must be no more than $35,000 including costs and fees. That means if your lender requires a 10% contingency and $800 in fees you are actually looking about $32,000 as your construction maximum amount. Some lenders require a 20% so you are down to $28,200 for your actual construction limit.
    Standard 203k: This loan has a much higher construction limit. We just did one with a construction budge of $544,000 + 10% contingency. In never fails when I speak at a Real Estate Association when I ask if anyone has ever had a 203k fall apart due to the loan amount for the construction part being too small. I get a bunch of hands come up... then I ask, was the construction about $40,000, and most of them say yes, how did you know?
    This is when I drop the bomb... it wasn't that the FHA 203k program limits were too small but the lender you went to didn't offer the "Standard 203k" and wasn't a team player. They were more interested in keeping the loan in play for them to hell with the buyers desire to buy this particular property. So they told the borrower to find another property. Had any of these deals been with a knowledgable Realtor they could have received their commission sooner, sold that property and not had to go back to the drawing board and seek another property for their client. Who was served by a lender who told them the construction budget was too high... only that lender, not the Realtor, not the Buyer Clent. Are you setting yourself up for a law suit by not knowing what programs might be the best for your client? That is the question you should be asking yourself.
    What could have happened and should have happened if the Realtor had been up to date on this program would have been to find another lender Like Prospect Mortgage who does both type loans. Prospect Mortgage is a full service 203k provider and can do either type loan. They also provide the Fannie Mae version of this product.
    Typical improvements: Structural modifications for updating your home, opening up the walls to create great rooms, etc. Enlarging the kitchen, room additions, garage conversions, adding detached or attached garages, septic system replacement, drilling a new well for drinking water. All these items are possible with the FHA 203k program.
    Unusual uses for the FHA 203k: Fire torn areas like the fires we had in Lake County Fire and the Butte/Amador Fire, as well as the SoCal fire damaged areas. The victims need to know about how this program can help them faster than any other government program. It is actually a sister program to the 203k called the FHA 203h. It is like a 203k on steroids. If you know anyone that was affected by one of these or any other national disaster we can easily get you back on track to getting your home rebuilt. Call is at 707.812.7668 if we can assist you or someone you may know.

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