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About Us
Mike Young 203k Consultant & Trainer
Mike Young, 203k Trainer
203k specialist, 203k trainer, 203k consultant

203k specialist, 203k trainer, 203k consultant

Mike Young has:

  • Owned and operated an appraisal fee shop from 1992-2004
  • Operated Home Inspection Specialists for over 35 years
  • Has provided 203k consulting services around the country since 1994. www.203kOnLine.com
  • Has provided 203k training around the country from 1994 to present.
  • Feasibility analysis a specialty. www.203kOnLine.com
Home inspection history

Home inspection history

Recently I received a call and listened as a customer told me that my competitor indicated that I have never been a home inspector and only sold software. That is funny because I have been inspecting homes for my father from the time I was eighteen for his new home construction business and then about twenty five or thirty years ago started "Home Inspection Specialists" a home inspection company where we inspected hundreds, if not thousands, of homes per year. Then in 1994 I became a 203k consultant and my business migrated towards that over standard home inspection but I continue to do standard home inspections from time to time for my long time clients. So to put the record straight I am a home inspector and have inspected thousands of homes and continue to do so. Thank you all for your business. I prefer the 203k and take this business very seriously. We are here to serve you. When you call me you actually get me. 

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